The Story Behind The Brand

Like many organizations, it important to communicate your message in the brand you chose to represent your organization. My thought behind the brand I chose for the Council of Innovative Chefs is explained as follows:

The main body of the brand is an artichoke. Naturally beautiful by nature it is a symbol of natures perfection. The green is a symbol of the earth while the purple highlights show a maturing of its body ready to be shared.

Within the artichoke is a light bulb in the shape of elephant garlic as a symbol of enlightenment through food. The filament within the lightbulb is a classical pastry garnish I am sure you recognize as a symbol of completeness. When a dish is garnished, it is complete. The lightbulb, of course, represents ideas since every great undertaking is birthed by thought.

The stem off the artichoke is drawn to replicate the base of the light bulb. This is to represent ‘plugging in’ for the idea (light bulb) to work, it needs to come in contact with a power source just as the stem connects the plant to the earth.

I believe this brand resonates with a lot of us. It is neither restricted to one country but is aimed to represent our global community of culinary innovators. It is also not restricted to one discipline of chef but aimed to represent all chefs from all levels of a brigade who are inspired to strive for the perfection of our art. The same as nature has been represented as perfect through the artichoke.

So now that you know the back story behind the brand of the Council of Innovative chefs,

I hope you will share in the organization.