Get Certified by The Council of Innovative Chefs

Benefits of Certification

  • Recognition for leading the food industry in innovation
  • Completing a thesis on food innovation which will be published and circulated to top level research and development organizations
  • Mentoring student members throughout your research
  • Earning CIC after your name
  • Becoming a much sought after resource for culinary innovation and career enhancement
  • Wearing a custom CIC blazer for any professional business meeting or function

Chef Certifications

To apply for certification, the CIC member must be in good standing, with dues current and must have a culinary degree and/or ten years of industry experience as a chef.

Instead of the traditional exam, the CIC requires that a thesis be submitted to the board for approval and publication to achieve certification of a “Certified Innovative Chef.”

The first step towards certification is to complete an application, along with a brief paragraph describing the proposed thesis topic to the board. Once the topic is approved, the thesis can be completed for approval and subsequent publication by the CIC board.

The thesis topic should be personal to the chef completing it, being sure to include insights on the applicable artistry and innovation of cuisine(s),and technique(s).

Once the thesis has been accepted for publication by the board, the CIC member will receive his/her certification at the next board meeting where he/she may be present. Along with the certificate and ability to utilize the CIC certified logo on his/her coats, all Certified Innovative Chefs have the option of purchasing a CIC Certified Chef Blazer in claret and blue, with the crest affixed to note his/her accomplishment.

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