The Council of Innovative Chefs mission is to make people’s lives better through food. We are dedicated professionals committed to this mission. We take it seriously each day in everything we do and would very much like for you to join us in this mission.

Yes Chef™

Each November, the Council of Innovative Chefs holds our annual conference known as “Yes Chef”. The speakers will deliver speeches & presentations geared towards innovation and development. We hope to feed your desire to the best of the best in the culinary arts & food industry.

Become A Sponsor

Your support within this organization of chefs will be paramount in helping create the platform for chefs to share ideas, vision and most importantly the art of culinary development. Currently there is no other organization like this and we feel this fills a huge gap within the culinary & food industries.

News & Blog

We want to be a resource for all of our members & guests. As such, we are dedicated to posting news and blogs from leaders within the culinary arts & food industries. Here you’ll find news about product development & innovation. Some articles are only available to paid members & sponsors.

Welcome to The Council of Innovative Chefs

The Council Of Innovative Chefs was formed with the goal of providing an artistic platform to create & inspire innovation within the food and culinary arts industry. We want to encourage the sharing of culinary creativity within a professional forum, while embracing a collective vision for the future of the food industry.

Membership & Certification

We offer a wide level of memberships to our users. Free guest memberships are available to everyone who is interested in culinary innovation & paid memberships are available for chefs who wish to expand their network and share new ideas and innovations to other leaders in the culinary arts & food industries. As a paid member you will have access to a private dossier that is only able to be viewed by other members and sponsors. This allows you to connect with leading companies and experts in our industry.

Our certifications are available to members in good standing and are current on their dues. You must have a culinary degree and/or 10 years of industry experience as a chef.

Get Certified!

The Council of Innovative Chefs offers a unique and innovative approach for its members to gain certification. It is a certification focused on the innovation of food. You are not required to sit for a test. You will work toward certification at your own pace.

Become a Member of The Council of Innovative Chefs

Aside from having access to a large network of other members of the culinary community, there are other benefits to becoming a member of the council like the following:

  • Recognition for leading the food industry in innovation.
  • Completing a thesis on food innovation which will be published and circulated to top level research and development organizations.
  • Mentoring student members throughout your research.
  • Earning CIC after your name.
  • Becoming a much sought after resource for culinary innovation and career enhancement.
  • Wearing a custom CIC blazer for any professional business meeting or function.

Yes Chef™

The Council of Innovative Chefs will hold an annual event open to our members and sponsors. We are still in the process of planning our inaugural event.