I recently had the chance to sit down with Steve Hamm, Director of Marketing for Idahoan Foods. We had a delightful conversation on how important innovation is from a marketers perspective within the food service industry.

During our talk, Steve gave a couple key points on just how innovation is necessary in today’s market. He explained in today’s times, consumers are more demanding and have become accustomed to getting what they want.

“For one hundred years,” Steve explains, “Oreo cookies were only available in one SKU. Three years ago they did a new flavor a quarter to now where they launch a new flavor a month!”

I couldn’t agree more with Steve. Innovation is increasingly important to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. I have spent the better part of my career focused on innovation and appreciate everyone’s individual approach to what innovation means to them.

“If we don’t bring innovation to market, we are not growing to grow!” Steve said. How true is that within your daily challenges? I would think we can all relate to this, would you?

As Steve explained how the Core Items are what the business was built on, I couldn’t help but relate that to being a Chef. Classical French cookery is our core. We expand upon that core of perfection to be Innovative with techniques and flavors from around an ever shrinking world that is brimming with discovery.

This excites me not only for our great organization but especially the world of food that we have dedicated our working live to.

The Council of Innovative Chefs are very fortunate to have a sponsor such as Idahoan Foods. They are a company that embraces innovation. We will continue to work with like minded companies for our organization as well as keep you updated on what they are innovating next.

We have a lot of good things ahead for our members. Our certification board is in place and we will continue to develop new channels for you to share your culinary innovations. Send me an email at david@cichef.com and let me know what you are doing that is Innovative. I will share it on our blog and website.

We appreciate your supporting our sponsors as well as supporting the organization through membership. Join today!