When I published my first book in 2012, I looked to the chef organizations that I belonged to with help in getting the word out as well as sharing my press release with their members and sponsors. Unfortunately my requests were only met with silence. The only time I heard back from these organizations were friendly reminders that it was time to renew membership dues.

Throughout my career, I always believed that being a part of an organization should also mean the organization values its members. The CIC was founded with this philosophy at the forefront of giving its chef members a platform to showcase their work. Through innovation, mentoring, books, video or trade publications, our organization is dedicated to helping all chefs achieve an audience for their craft.

We here at the CIC are working towards not only this goal but we are also very much dedicated to the culinary arts and the innovation of chef artists. Your support helps many chefs be recognized as innovators and artists alike as we face many challenges along the way.

Our certification board is in place and I will be making that announcement in the very near future. I have to admit that I am very excited about this opportunity for chefs to submit a thesis on culinary innovation and publish the thesis that pass the boards evaluations. This is going to be great!

Our newest sponsor is Idahoan Foodservice. A truly innovative partner that believes in what the CIC is doing as an organization as well as a strong supporter of the culinary arts. Thank you Idahoan and we look forward to supporting your organization.

Our member FORUM is up. Access it off of our home page. Click on the ‘About’ tab then click on forum. Share your thoughts and share your art.

If you could help get the word out to your fellow chefs about our organization, we would greatly appreciate that. Thank you to all the chefs who joined and lets continue the momentum towards a global organization of innovative chefs!