About Chef David Macfarlane

Chef David MacFarlane on the Board of The Council Of Innovative Chefs

Chef David Macfarlane

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland Chef Macfarlane has been considered as one of the most disciplined and innovative chefs within the product development, research and development and manufacturing industry.

Chef Macfarlane is a highly accomplished chef whom has mastered both baking pastry as well as savory culinary arts from fine dining to mass scale manufacturing in both sectors. His work has been recognized globally in both pastry and savory development.

His goal is to take the same culinary passion as being a former chef to the president in the White House, to the manufacturing and chain restaurant segment and enhancing people’s lives by sharing an elevated dining experience industry wide.

Chef Macfarlane is the founder and chairman of the Council of Innovation Chefs. An organization that has been developed for all chefs to share ideas and learn new ideas in an effort to take food to its absolute best potential without compromising standards nor compromising artistry.

In addition to being an accomplished chef, David is also an accomplished published author, lecturer and culinary demonstrator on both television and stage. His latest project is developing what he calls, “Modern Scottish Cuisine.” This project is currently in development by taking familiar Scottish ingredients and changing the way they can be prepared as well as changing the way they can be presented. This work shall be used in Chef David’s application for certification within the Council of Innovative Chefs rules.

Chef Macfarlane currently serves as the Corporate Executive Chef and Director of National Accounts for the Idahoan Foods Company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Chef Macfarlane also serves as a board member on the White House Culinary Alumni Association as well as the Healthy Chef Organization which is designed to bring health conscious ingredients to the forefront of culinary development. Chef Macfarlane also has been a guest of the First Minister of Scotland to discuss healthy eating in Scottish schools, maximizing use of Scottish dishes in the restaurant sector and most importantly daily home use, helping get the word out on Scottish sourcing for global buyers and developing awareness for natural resources for Scottish economic growth.

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